Wood Arts BCN

Your sacred home.


Wood Arts BCN

Your sacred home




tree nation

Sacred Home

MOKUZAI is your sacred home. We are local artisans, enthusiastic about design and extreme quality, committed to fair and sustainable production, respectful with the environment, making exclusive items for you.

We invest all our passion and experience in taking care of you and your sacred circle: your family.

Your Symbol: THE TORII

MOKUZAI Wood Arts BCN has as its insignia the Torii, which symbolises your entrance to the most sacred, separating the profane and everyday world from the most intimate, caring, safe and sacred… your home. The Torii represents the unflappable generational spirit, perseverance, elegance and effort.

Your standard bearer: Núria Picas

The ultra long-distance runner Núria Picas is the person who, without a doubt, represents the globality of the values that make up MOKUZAI Wood Arts BCN.

Her mimesis with nature represents us. Her respect for each mountain, each valley, each tree, each rock and each animal. How it coexists with its surroundings, without altering the existing ecosystem, forming part and being part of the whole.

At MOKUZAI Wood Arts BCNwe work every day so that the values of Núria Picas are impregnated in our products: perseverance, sacrifice, commitment, vocation and perfection.

While transmitting confidence, serenity, security, proximity and above all: love for nature.

It is a real pleasure that Núria Picas joins and represents in first person, and with all her energy, this project designed for you.

The artisan: Fusinde S.L.U.

They are the source of inspirationfor MOKUZAI. Without their passion, their vocation, their perseverance and their sacrifice, it would be unthinkable to create MOKUZAI Wood Arts BCN. They are centenary artists, who provide the seal of guarantee for your articles to be designedin an exclusiveand elegantway.

Philosophy: Mokuzai

Your project is based on sustainability, alluding to the balance between what we consume and what we leave for the next generations. For this very reason we produce quality articles, guaranteed and extremely durable. Imperturbable over time.

At MOKUZAI Wood Arts BCNwe are committed to the ecological footprint, validating the environmental impact of our actions throughout the production process. Each of the MOKUZAI Wood Arts BCN items come exclusively from reforestation, controlled and legal and therefore have the following seals: